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Black Seed Rub

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A soothing rub which bring instant relief from Backache, Lower Backache , Knee Pain, Pain in Joints, Stiff Neck, Muscular Pain, Sprains and Headache. It is also effective for common Cold and chest Cold.
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Herboganic Black Seed Rub is the combination of a therapeutic blend of herbs to lower Muscular and Joint pain. It is 100 % pure and natural without any side effects. In the market, there are many pain relievers and ointments available to give instant relief of any kind. Black Cumin Seed Rub is the most effective in pain management consistently. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it completely heals your body and breaking down the limitation of mobility in daily activities to keep you relax and alleviate your stress. The Black seed rub takes the edge-off the Arthritis and Muscular Spasm too. The preparation of Herboganic black seed rub has done on purely natural ways for Patient satisfaction.

Benefits of Black Seed Rub

Most of the benefits of using Black Seed rub is based on the presence of active ingredients. Below you will see a list of advantages of Black Seed rub to feel in your body.
  • Reduces Aches and Strains
  • Effective in Cold & Congestion
  • Give instant relief in Back pain and improved health
  • Helpful in neck and shoulder tension.
  • Ease in Joint Pain
  • Get rid Muscles Fatigue



As you know, the majority of the people keep a vaseline jar at home for the first aid and health care. But if you will try to explore the uses of vaseline you will get amazed by its importance. Here I am going to tell you how this is an effective ingredient in the Black Seed Rub to safe your body part where it is applied. After rubbing the Black seed Rub on your skin the vaseline seals your skin with water protective barrier. And it allows your skin to heal and retain moisture. Vaseline is helpful in pain relievers and has no side effects. It is a contact medium for pain reduction and smooths the skin from dryness.


Menthol is a crystalline compound that has a cooling sensation found in peppermint and other natural oils. When it is applied to the skin it produces a cooling effect on a particular area of the body without reducing the whole body temperature. Menthol is also used as an analgesic resulting as counter-irritant to reduce the sensation of pain. Menthol is a muscle relaxant. It blocks the calcium current around the nerve and allows to stimulate muscles.

Winter oil:-

Winter Oil is extracted from leaves of the wintergreen plants. The most active ingredient methyl Salicylate of wintergreen oil is closely related to aspirin and analgesic and antiinflammatory, topical pain reliever. It is used in Black Seed rub to get mixed results and have potential alternative treatment for easing lower back pain.

Flaxseed Oil:-

Flaxseed Oil is also known as Linseed Oil that is extracted from dried, ripened seeds of the Flax Plant. Flaxseed Oil has many benefits for our bodies. The presence of Omega-3 Fatty Acids reduces blood pressure and improves blood circulation in the body. It eases the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, lubricant joints and lessens stiffness and joint pain. It improves dry skin as well.

Clove Oil:-

Clove oil is an essential oil that is extracted from the clove plant. It is used in food and flavouring of some medicine. The Eugenol is an active ingredient exist in the clove oil. Eugenol reduces swelling and irritation in the affected area of the body due to its anti-inflammatory properties. The Black seed rub soothes muscle aches and pains, and cloves are the active ingredient that helps the blood flow through the area to reduce the pain.

Cinnamon Oil:-

Cinnamon Oil is a natural remedy in taking care of your health. It reduces cough and cold. Cinnamon oil helpful in managing pains, aches and stiffness experienced in the muscles and joints. Due to its antibacterial properties, it is ideal for use in acne, rashes and infection.

Honey Wax:-

Many Physiotherapist uses warm wax treatment for painful joints that are caused by Arthritis And It is approved by the Arthritis Foundation. Honey wax creates moisture in the skin, increases blood flow and ease stiffness due to joint inflammation. It gives instant relief to the patient and allows slowly to do exercises.

Black Seed Oil:-

It has the power of curing the human body of many diseases such as arthritis and allergies. The benefits of this rich-oil have added in the Rub to target inflammation and tamps. Black Seed Oil keeps protected cells from damage.

Direction of Use:

Apply to the affected part and rub gently for 1-2 minutes.

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