Exploring the Benefits of Black Seed Oil: a Great Elixir

Nature has not created germs and diseases alone, but a supreme remedy in the form of Nigella Sativa as well. Come and avail the fabulous benefits of black seed oil and propagate them all around to help get the world rid of dangerous diseases.

The Background of Black Cumin Oil: a Powerful Weapon against Germs 

Long before the introduction of processed medicines, man has been trying a number of different natural herbs and shrubs to cure himself of various maladies. These herbs and shrubs also contain a number of useful substances in the crude or unprocessed form having an appreciable efficiency for killing the germs.

black seed oil benefits

Quinine extracted from Cinchona bark is one of the marvellous examples of such substances which greatly served mankind by devastating the Malaria parasite, Plasmodium.

One of the greatest in this connection is black seed oil, extracted from black seeds taken from a fennel plant, Nigella Sativa, found in Western Asia, Middle East, Northern Africa and Eastern Europe. It has other names of black caraway, black cumin, kalonji, etc.

Cold pressed oil of these black seeds has been found excellent both in pure form and combined with other carrier oils or substances against a lot of diseases. 

The Wonderful health benefits of black seed oil: a Miraculous Solution      

Some Fast Facts

  • Since the very early days, man has been struggling hard against the pathogens through his active as well as passive immunity. 
  • Nature has gifted man with the blood containing leucocytes responsible to fight against the invading germs or pathogens and kill them the soonest they can. This is active immunity whereas vaccination is a route to induce passive immunity.   
  • Sometimes, leucocytes alone cannot win this fight and they have to rely on the substances prepared outside the body to inhibit the growth of pathogens inside when injected or taken orally by the patient. These substances are called antibiotics. 
  • Their introduction was a revolution in the field of medical science.
  • Contrary to the all above, black seed extract is not man-made, so we cannot call it an antibiotic. 
  • It is a natural herbal liquid extracted from the black seeds. 

We have collected for your consultation the following data from reliable sources regarding the efficacy of black seed oil against very dangerous diseases prevailing all around. Go through this information and avail the benefits or uses of black seed oil for yourself as well as tell others about its remarkable curing and healing abilities.

  • High blood pressure

Prolonged human life span and familial influences combined with the environmental factors like obesity, sedentary life style and unhealthy dietary habits lead to hypertension or high blood pressure. Medically speaking, it is due to an imbalance between antioxidants defence mechanisms and free radicals productions. Black seed oil through its antioxidant, calcium channel blockade, diuretic and hypotensive properties reduces the blood pressure. Taken orally 100mg/kg to 200mg/kg, black seed oil reduces systolic and diastolic blood pressures, low-density lipoproteins and bad cholesterol in patients with mild hypertension. Thus black seed extract plays its potential role in reducing the blood pressure. 

  • Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is because of the damage to the insulin producing cells of the pancreas with a consequent increase in the blood glucose level and type 2 diabetes is due to either low production of insulin or enhanced resistivity of body to insulin. Black seed cumin oil in pure form or black seed powder taken 2 gm daily helps manage both the types of diabetes due to its hypoglycaemic effects. In type 1, it benefits by reducing the damage to the insulin producing cells while in type 2, it enhances the sensitivity of insulin receptors and improves the regulation of blood glucose and cholesterol level.

  • Asthma

Inflammation in your airways or other respiratory organs with the symptoms including wheezing, coughing, tightness in the chest and short breaths is called Asthma. Pure Black seeds or their extract or cold pressed oil less than half a teaspoon given to Asthma patients twice daily for four weeks show great improvement in pulmonary function, blood markers linked to asthma inflammation and asthma control test scores. Latest research has shown that black seed cumin extract also normalises blood eosinophilia, an elevated level of eosinophils which are the type of white blood cells indicating the presence of an inflammatory illness or infection.          

  • Male infertility

Black seed oils, taken 2.5 ml twice daily for two months, may reform the condition of male infertility. This it does by influencing sperm parameters, seimens, sexual hormones, leydig cells and reproductive organs. Thymoquinone and unsaturated fatty acids, the main antioxidant components of black seed oil, improve antioxidant defence and influence male fertility power positively. Human sperms may undergo DNA damage and lipid per-oxidation due to increase in free radicals. Black seed oil has been found to cure human sperms by improving spermatogenesis and steroidogenesis in a few weeks.

  • Mastalgia

Breast pain or Mastalgia in women is common near their days of menstrual cycle and disturbs the quality of daily life. Mastalgia has two kinds: cyclic and non-cyclic. Applying 2 gm black seed oil gel (containing 30% seed oil by weight) or 600 mg of black seed oil on the breast twice daily for two menstrual cycles heals the issue to the maximum without any side effect ever reported. This is because of the analgesic properties of black seed oil that play key role in reducing the breast pain by the topical application of the gel or the oil itself.       

  • Hay fever

Allergic Rhinitis or hay fever is quite common in both males and females. Sneezing, itchy eyes, running and stuffy nose, etc. are the common symptoms of this fever. A few drops of black seed oil put into the nose of the patients for six weeks have been found to cure the mild, moderate and severe attacks of this form of allergy in 9/10 patients. Marvellously, all the patients with the mild attack of allergy have been found symptoms free after using black seed oil whereas out of those with moderate attack, 68.7 % got symptoms free and 25% showed improvement. 58.3% of those with severe attack of hay fever became symptoms free and 25% showed signs of improvement after taking black seed oil for six months. 

  • High cholesterol

Both high density lipoprotein (HDL) and low density lipoprotein (LDL) and blood fats called triglycerides are present in human blood. HDL cholesterol is good for our body whereas LDL cholesterol and triglycerides are bad for our blood composition and must be eliminated or reduced to a greater extent. Black seeds in powder or oil form taken from 500mg to 2 g twice a day for two months have been reported in a number of studies to reduce LDL cholesterol and triglycerides in your blood. What actually happens is:

  • Total cholesterol level in blood is reduced by 5 percent. 
  • Triglyceride level is lowered by somewhere between 8 to 16 percent. 
  • LDL level is lowered by up to 7 percent.
  • HDL level is improved by 5 percent. 

Black seed oil combined with garlic oil taken twice daily for two months will:

  • Prevent the bad cholesterol from being absorbed into the blood stream from the small intestine.
  • Increase the number of LDL receptors in the live, ensuring the removal of LDL from the blood.
  • Prevent LDL from being oxidized due to the presence of high antioxidant content in black seed oil.

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