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Moringa Products

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Items 1-12 of 21 results

What is Moringa?

 Moringa-Oleifera has been known for its health benefits for thousands of years and is derived from the plant family Moringaceae. The family has a total of 13 species out of which Moringa is the most popular and widely cultivated due to a large number of benefits it offers. The plant is known for its leaves, barks, and seeds which are all known to possess countless properties which are known to eradicate a number of diseases. Moringa Oleifera can grow in a variety of soil conditions and can withstand any weather conditions as well. The plant is best grown in arid and semi-arid conditions; it is most prevalent in northern India, Pakistan, Nepal and areas of Africa.

You can take advantage of Moringa-Oleifera in literally any way you want, as it is used to create a number of products such as Moringa soaps, Moringa leaf powder, Moringa Oil, Moringa Tea bags, Moringa Scrubs, Moringa capsules, Moringa-Supplements and an increasingly famous for Moringa weight loss program.

It has been proved that Moringa-Oleifera consists of a total of 96 nutrients, 46 antioxidants, and almost all the amino acids. The health benefits of a single gram of Moringa-leaf powder can be compared with following foods:

Moringa Leafs
1 gram of Moringa Comparison
2 x amount of protein in yogurt
4 x amount of vitamin A in carrots
3 x amount of potassium as in bananas
4 x calcium in cow’s milk
7 x vitamin C in oranges

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and are the basic requirement of building cells. All 8 essential amino acids, Phenylalanine - the three branched amino acids Valine, Leucine and Isoleucine -, Lysine, Threonine, Tryptophan, and Methionine, can all be found within Moringa Bitters. These play an important role in a number of bodily functions like maintaining a healthy cognition, keeping the hair, skin, and nails healthy, aiding in a smooth digestion, and generally keeping you calm and focused.